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Testimonial Ilamed Reviews

I am really happy to have attended this course. the whole course and course material was well planned and gave us good information on all aspects of Lasers and Dermatological Procedures. This course will definitely add on to the spectrum of work that I will be able to practice and the Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine (FAM) is a feather in my cap. I would like to thank Dr. Rana and his team to have conducted this course with utmost professionalism and I congratulate him in his efforts to make this program successful.

Dr. Siddharth Bhalera, Maxillo-facial Surgeon, Hyderabad

I am a M.D.- Dermatologist, who has done his post graduation from one of the most reputed colleges in India I.M.S.-B.H.U., Varanasi. But my knowledge in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine lacked – both theoretically and practically. To enhance my knowledge, I enrolled under Dr. Ajay Rana’s ILAMED FELLOWSHIP Course of one month in New Delhi.Here, equal importance was given to theory as as practical knowledge. Our batches wee small 10 – 15 students and Dr. Rana and Faculty taught us in depth about the topics and hands on was done extensively and very good high end machines available at our disposal. I strongly feel that the person behind the procedure (i.e.the physician) is the most important aspect of the whole thing i.e. even if the machine / equipment is compromised, but the doctor’s knowledge and judgement should be accurate. I am proud to do my fellowship in aesthetic medicine from ILAMED and would also advise other aspirants to do so. Thanking you.

Dr. Rahul Chaudhary, M D, Dermatology

I am a Dermatologist and I am pursuing Diploma in Dermatology. I am highly grateful to ILAMED for building up the foundation of Lasers & Aesthetic practice in me. Dr. Ajay Rana is an excellent teacher & guide. He taught me everything ranging from minute and basic concepts (which are of paramount importance) to the higher concepts with equal case and simplicity. All the sessions given by Sir and Faculty were highly brain storming and motivating. Especially the one on “How to set up Cosmetology practice” was very important and interesting. Intensive hands on in almost in every best laser was given. The staff and all my batch mates were great and I always had a pleasant learning experience. I am extremely proud to do my Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine (FAM) from ILAMED & hope that many good doctors (“like me”) get similar opportunity. Thanking you.

Dr. Neetu Chaudhary, M.B.B.S.,DPD

First of all I wish to convey my heartfelt wishes for this excellent program on Aesthetic medicine (CCAM). The course content had been structured well to capture all the basic things an aesthetic medicine practitioner should know. The hands on exposure to various modalities (laser,IPL, Toxins, fillers) had been very useful to me. Thanks for incorporating , your hard learnt lessons and tricks of the trade into the existing course curriculum. This had been the lacunae in many of the workshops conducted at national and international level. This shows your experience in understanding the need for training participants on practical difficulties in practicing  aesthetic medicine .  The demo videos were also self explanatory and broke the monotony  of lecture sessions. I wish to thank you for coordinating with other consultants for the sessions on IPL, Peels, pigmented lesions. Thanks to Ms.Puja for keeping track of the participants and providing guidance for attending the sessions. Thanks to Mr.Abhay for arranging the refreshments.

Dr.P.Mahalingam, Consultant Dermatovenereologist, New Hope Hospitals, Chennai

Fellowship course at ILAMED was good course with hands on experience. Faculty at ILAMED is excellent. Dr. Ajay Rana is a great teacher having deep knowledge of subject, he explains everything clearly. All equipment and laser machine at ILAMED were of latest technology. It was a worthful course.

Dr. Swapan Deep, M.B.B.S

Completed Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine (FAM), had good experience and exposure towards laser, came across many latest machinery. Last but not least need improvement regarding exposure towards patients and hands on.

Dr. Amit Karnani, M.B.B.S.

It was a good experience to be here for PG Diploma in Clinical Cosmetology (PGDCC). Nice lectures on lasers and other aesthetic procedures. But hands should have been better. Thanks to Dr. Ajay Rana for very nice explanations of the topic.

Dr. Ankur Mishra,B.H.M.S.

Teaching by Dr. Ajay Rana at ILAMED is very good. He taught us theory part of cosmetology excellently. We did a good hands on training also. But I think there should be little more hands on training. Any how I had a great time dealing with best lasers machines in the market. Thank you Dr. Ajay Rana.

Dr. Arun Kumar Nagelli, M.B.B.S.,FD

I had a good time there in ILAMED. Doing this course I have learnt many things which will further help in my practise. Dr. Rana’s lectures were very good. He guided us a lot. I will be very thankful to Dr. Rana and Puja

.Dr. Ajay Trivedi, B.H.M.S.

This programme has given me insight into various aspects of clinical cosmetology. This has definitely widened my horizons. I wish could be a dedicated training programme on pathology, vascular lesions also. Felt comfortable all through the course and I remain grateful both to the trainer Dr. Rana and the coordinator (Ms. Puja).

Dr. Ganesh Koneru

Excellent course !! Excellent teaching !! Excellent batch !! I had lots of doubts before joining this course about the contents and how it would help me, but I am extremely happy that I made the decision to join the course. We had very nice hands on sessions and I have learnt a lot.Thank you Dr. Rana. I am going to miss this One Month !With best wishes for the future of ILAMED.

Dr. Roya Singh

Wonderful course, Good Materials, lots of hands on experience. This course really built up my confidence on the Cosmetic Medicine. Dr. Rana Sir was really awesome and clarified a lot of doubts. Puja is very cute and helpful.

Dr. Rajinikanth, Plastic Surgeon

Thoroughly informative, interactive and stimulating course covering all practical aspects of laser and aesthetic medicine. Absolutely worth it.

Dr. Nafees Fatima Sye

Practical course covering all basic theory and practicals related to laser and aesthetics with loads of hands on practice – worth the time. I thank Dr. Rana for conducting this course and sharing his knowledge with us.

Dr. Jyotsana Kapoor

The content of the sessions of CCAM was full and very informative. Sessions taken by different faculty members of ILAMED helped to clear the concept.

Dr. Lakshmi, New Delhi

The FAM was a great experience, the knowledge and teaching levels are extremely high and so is the hands-on training. I strongly recommend this program!

Thank you Dr. Rana and team!

Dr. Med. Univ. Felix Ottowitz, MD, Austria

It was my first experience with ILAMED & it was great. I was happy to learn something new and willing to acquire more knowledge from ILAMED and thanks to Ms. Puja Gulati as she was so supportive to guide everything I was unaware of.

Dr. Hardik V. Goswami, Rajkot

As I am being very new to the field of Aesthetic Medicine, I found the ILAMED FAM course very good and useful in building my basics, strong expertise, lots of practical hands -on techniques in aesthetic procedures was very useful.

Dr. Brahmananda Reddy

On the whole the training was good please could you arrange a list of companies, their details and also a CD. Arrangements for the course were good.

Dr. Chandra Gupta, Vidya Skin Clinic, Kakinada

Very informative, good ambience and comfortable interaction with the lecturer.

Dr. K.K. Rahul Pillai, MD, Kerala, India

Excellent interactive session of lasers. Would like to attend more workshops on newer aesthetic procedures like Meso, PRP etc.

Dr. Geetika Mittal, DPD, DAM Adiva, New Delhi, India

It was a great opportunity to undergo training at ILAMED for IAL-SYSTEM. It was a wonderful training with hands-on experience. After that, now I am confidently and independently doing the procedure on my patients. Thanks to Dr. Rana for organizing such a great training.

Dr. Chanchal Choudhary Dermatologist, Adiva, New Delhi

It was a good experience with Dr. Rana. The hands-on training on IAL-System was quite useful-

Dr. Nitish Singhal, Delhi

It was a nice experience to come to such a wonderful institute, to attend an educative session on IAL. All my queries regarding IAL-System & ACP have been entertained and the best part of the session was hands-on programme. Thanks to Dr. Rana, I am now confident to use this in my patients.

Dr. Jyoti

It was an excellent session especially everything was hands-on. I thank Dr. Rana for providing an expert training-

Dr. Arvind Arora, Swasti Skin Clinic, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

It was a great experience to have sessions from Dr. Rana. He is an outstanding teacher in cosmetic dermatology and laser. Also a very practical, good communicator, very kind at heart, generous to his patients. ILAMED is well equipped with almost all latest laser machines which make medical practitioners confident to perform procedures like cosmetic peels, lasers, fillers, mesotherapy etc.

Dr. Prasanth T, Maxillo-Facial Surgeon, Kerala, India

Interesting sessions and very educative too, learnt many new techniques. Thanks a lot to Dr. Coulon, Dr. Rana & Dr. Hema Pant.

Dr. S.Sachdev

Really nice meeting. Got to learn quite a lot. Hope to see you all again soon.

Dr. Puja, Three Graces, New Delhi

As a PG student, it was very useful as well as newer insight and into cosmetology.

Dr. Neeraj Kumar, Delhi

The seminar and workshop were excellent. The lectures were rewarding and hands-on training gave us the knowledge and courage to do it by our self. Thanks for the opportunity.

Dr. Mohit Bansal

Very well conducted workshop on mesotherapy. I think it was well worth my time. Looking forward for more workshops in the future.

Dr. Vivek Nair, Delhi

Academics were covered well. It was well organized, informative and interactive workshop.

Dr. Surbhi, Chandigarh

Overall it was good workshop. Thanks

.Dr. Nidhi Agarwal, Behl’s Skin Institute, New Delhi

Good, educational and short and sweet. Keep it up. Thanks.

Dr. Rashmi Mahajan, Jungpura, Delhi

Learned quiet many new things.
Thought cellulite is something to do with cellulites…! Lately…did I realize what it was….!
Mesotherapy of course- very very interesting.
Ambience very comfortable and cozy (ooops! Cool)

Day 2
Very interesting demo by Dr. HEMA
Interesting hands-on demo by DR. COULON.
Mesogun- saw for the first time.
Nappage- hands-on on the sponge simulating skin surface really cool.
Best one- hands-on taught by Dr. A.RANA Meso-Fat.
Good demo with facial rejuvenation using mesotherapy was great.
Prior numbing and ice- nice (learned)
Delivering mesofat and jerk of wrist (learned)

Look forward to more such workshops.

Dr. Neha Singh

Hope to come back for enhancement of knowledge in further courses.

Dr. Vinisha Baliyan, Skin Institute, New Delhi

Excellent teaching. Good communication and quite productive.

Dr. Deepti Dhillon, Apple Clinic, Pritampura, Delhi

Very nice educational workshop.

Dr. Anvika, VLCC, Delhi

The theory sessions were quite informative. The lectures of Dr. COULON, Dr. RANA and Dr. HEMA brought light to many areas of mesotherapy as well as the helped us understanding the methods and pharmacology. The discussion sessions were quite grilling and enlightening helping us in clinical implications. Also the hands-on sessions were quite useful.

Dr. Sharadi Shreemoyee, Advanced Skin Clinic, GK-1, Delhi

It was a quite knowledgeable seminar and many new aspects were discussed.
The discussion was quite good.
The demo by Dr. HEMA was very interesting and added to my knowledge a lot.
We have got a proper hands-on training and that was the best part
Overall, the ambience was very comfortable and the facts shared by Dr. RANA were really precious.

Dr. Deepti Saxena, Behl’s Skin Institute, New Delhi

It was a nice experience to know about new technique MESOTHERAPY. I am glad to learn this technique. It was pleasure meeting mentors especially Dr. RANA and will be looking forward to know and learn under guidance of him.

Dr. Deval Anand, Delhi

It was an enlightening and encouraging course and I really look forward to practice this new concept of MESOTHERAPY in my profession.

Dr. Nikita Darshan, Delhi

Very informative sessions.
Good platform for learning and sharing experience.
There CMES must be repeated at Regular intervals.

Dr. Abhishek Debey, Dr. Bhemrao Hospital, Noida

It was a memorable and learning experience with Dr. AJAY RANA and Dr. COULON and also with Dr. HEMA PANT. The way Dr. RANA explains about MESOTHERAPY was helpful for me even we are doing more than 10 mesotherapy per day. Also learn from Dr. COULON usage of mesoapart from aesthetic use. Dr. HEMA nicely elaborates different regimen meso for scars. Overall it is very successful workshop as far as knowledge updation is concerned.

Dr. Jagdish Sakhiya, Sakhiya Skin Clinic, Surat, Gujarat

Had a wonderful learning experience. Dr. RANA and Dr. COULON, Thank you so much for the vast knowledge and skill that you have shared with us. Looking forward to attend more sessions in aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Temjennungsang Longchari, Guwahati, Assam

All meso topics are covered extensively with both theoretical as well as practical aspects. Details of various meso products were also delt in details. One can do all mesotherapy procedures confidently after this workshop.

Dr. Sanjiv V Choudhary, Pune

Nice and actually an informative session. First workshop where I actually learnt.

Dr. Anupam Sinha, ONGC Hospital, Dharbanga, Bihar

Nice workshop and something new & different to learn. Looking forward to further workshops at ILAMED.

Dr. Jyotika Kalsy, GMC, Amritsar

Great experience and learning as well as good company. Looking forward for more such workshops. Good staff that really makes you comfortable.

Dr. Komal Makkar, Skin Health Clinic, Rohtak

Excellent learning experience under an esteemed faculty, Dr. Rana. Hats off. And also good hospitality.

Dr. Atul Hasija, Skin & Laser Clinic, Dwarka, Delhi

Wonderful hands-on experience, very informative. Thanks.

Dr. Nivedita Dadu, Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi

Had a great experience working hands-on on a patient for FUE. Quite learning & wonderful experience.

Dr. Vaibhav Daniel, American Cosmetic Clinic, Ludhiana, Punjab

The training was good & informative. We got the basic idea of hair transplantation. Overall it was a good experience.

Dr. Vikas Aggarwal, Vardaan Hospital, Sirsa, Haryana

Again I want to attend the same kind of workshops. A lot of thanks to Dr. Rana for nice workshop & humble nature.

Dr. R.S. Chhabra, Laser & Skin Care Center, Jalandhar, Punjab

I like the simple language used and hands-on

Dr. Nandini Gupta

I like hands-on

Dr. Asmita Ghosh Chatterjee

I like physics on laser was beautifully explained.

Dr. Vinod Jain

I like hands-on training.

Dr. Dhruv P Aggarwal

I completed CCAM programme in Oct 2012. The programme was very refreshing, interesting and was very useful in my day to day practice. It also helped me to boost my practice as well as my confidence, removed my doubts and dilemma about clinical cosmetology. Sir (Dr. Rana) is a wonderful personality, enthusiastic teacher who encouraged and guided me through all aspects of clinical cosmetology.

Dr. Neeraj Mittal, Skin & Neurospine Centre, Karnal (HR)

I Dr. Navraj Singh Virk, got enrolled in FAM programme with ILAMED (Dr. Rana Sir).This programme (FAM) has definitely broadened my horizon and given me confidence in this fast emerging field of cosmetology. Also the support staff (Pooja and Vishal) was excellent for their efforts. In the end to conclude I have learned a lot, the programme was up to my expectations.Thanks, ILAMED.Peace out.

Dr. Navraj Singh Virk

I was part of ILAMED for Fellowship progamme in Aesthetic Medicine for 4 weeks. My experience during this course was absolutely wonderful. Aesthetics is something you don’t learn in medical colleges. During this programme I learned even minute details of various procedures and lasers. This experience was really great and it is a wonderful step from Dr. Rana and his team to educate and share his sea of knowledge and experience with us. Overall I am taking a lot back home and will be able to start lots of procedures independently.

Dr. Dhruv P. Agrawal

It was a nice experience to attend ILAMED workshop, especially for interaction with speakers and hands-on. We wish such more workshops to come up.

Dr. Chandan Mal Guri, Guri Skin & Cosmetology Clinic, MG Road Gurgaon

It was a well organized workshop. Keep up the good work.

Dr. Aditya Shah, Vadora

ILAMED is a good platform. Sessions of Dr. Hema & Dr. Sood were fantastic. They showed immense pleasure & patience to explain the topics. I hope this learning trend will continue

.Dr. Akhilendra Singh, New Delhi

Dear Dr. Rana, Dr. Pant, Dr. Sood, Dr. Soni & Dr. Agarwal, overall a very educative & interactive session. I learnt a lot about Mesotherapy needling & procedure. More about needle-less mesotherapy which I hope I will be the first person to start in Kanpur at my setup. Thanks everyone. Even Puja was so helpful with all the proceeding before & throughout the seminar/workshop. Hope to come again for some other day/weekend workshop. Thanking you all.

Dr. Prachi Nigam, Dr. Nigam’s Healthcare pvt.Ltd, Kanpur

ILAMED is a good platform for the medical practioners as well as aspiring aestheticians/dermatologists, to learn new techniques and keep you almost with the latest technologies. Also, meeting individuals with the different medical backgrounds & interacting with them, really gives you an insight into your profession. Dr. Rana is exceptionally patient in explaining the topics in detail. I have always wanted to learn the technique of injecting fillers & cocktails for various cosmetic indications. I think attending this workshop has solved my purpose.

Dr. Kavita Deva, Cosmetic Dermatologist, New Delhi

Good talks & good to see speakers, sharing their experience openly. Will be looking forward for some more workshops.

Dr. RajKirit E.P, Hyderabad

INTERNATIONAL AESTHETIC MESOTHERAPY-2012, It was a very good experience. I have learnt about new combination treatments, procedures& techniques. It is like refreshing the basics & upgrading. PRF is the latest procedure which I have heard & learnt for the first time.

Dr. Amitha Chandra, Hyderabad

It was a good experience to be a part of this meet & learning new procedures & upgrading my knowledge about mesotherapy. PRF was a new procedure & I am thankful to Dr. Vishal Sood to enlighten me. It was a wonderful experience to have met new doctors. Thank you & keep it up.

Dr. Nimmy Ohatker, Hyderabad

I feel good & confident after attending Mesotherapy workshop organized by ILAMED & look forward to attend much more workshop on aesthetics.

Dr. Gagandeepsingh Ahuja, Noida, U.P.

Very informative. Speakers work was very informative & knowledge.

Dr. Manpreet Singh, Ludhiana, Punjab

For a layman point of view it is very interesting & knowledgeable. The sessions are very interactive. I am very obliged that I have attended this workshop. Hands-on practices are the best part.

Dr. Prabhjot Mann Multanu, Tanda, Distt. Hoshiarpur, Punjab

It was very interesting mainly PRF & PRP. Dr. Soni Nanda & Dr. Lokesh taught very well about mesotherapy. We got more which we expect. We got more about cosmetic marketing from there every presentation was international standard.

Dr. Nisar K.T.

Great experience of learning & newer modalties of treatments.

Dr. R.P.Sethi

Very Informative, illustrative, gives confidence.

Dr. R Muthukumaran, Coimbotore, Tamil Nadu

Presentation of Dr. Lokesh on Mesotherapy introduction on 15-12-12 was extremely presice& talk given by Dr. Sood on PRF was good but its application in dermatology limited on cosmetic patients. Dr. Soni Nanda’s talk was very good & handsome also too good. Dr. HemaPant’s talk on PRP &Meso also good & elaboration & hands-on was good. Dr. pooja’s presentation on INFUSION no needle Mesotherapy was ok.

Dr. P. Raghunandan

Hey I join CCAM course in ILAMED and it is very good in all aspect in teaching , in discussion and friendly also learn a lot of things about lasers , chemical peels, botox, fillers in very simple manner which we can easily understood. Dr.rana is very friendly nature and is very good in teaching and discussion also in hands-on. The hands-on part of ILAMED is very very good.

Dr. Rekha Verma (CCAM)

I had joined the CCAM course at ILAMED. It has been an good experience over these two weeks, learnt various procedures of Aesthetic Medicine. Thanks to Dr. Rana for instilling the confidence in me to embark in this discipline. Would like to join back on initiation of Antiageing and Integreative Medicine.

Dr. Sujata R

I joined ILAMED for PGDCC, when I joined I didn’t have any clear idea of Aesthetics, its scopes, techniques and how to do counseling. So it was really cherishing experience and one more thing I like is once you are student of ILAMED you become a member of ILAMED family and anytime I can seek guidance of our mentor Dr. Rana. Really it was very good experience. Thanks for your Co-operation Specially Puja.

Dr. Namitha

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