About our e-learning

About our e-learning

Online students at the Mymedicalcourses are either seasoned professionals, with work experience or fresh medical graduates.

They all have excellent reasons to choose to earn an online medical degree with Mymedicalcourses:

With a history of pioneering education, Mymedicalcourses is associated with state Universities in India, Germany and top private Universities and Institutes in Asia.
These institutions ensure constant and thorough quality control and assurance to each Mymedicalcourses programmes.

Academic leadership and online expertise
Only world renowned national and foreign faculty members are involved in the conception of the programmes, so as to offer the very best courses on the market.

Our programmes are designed to support you professionally using topical research and relevant up-to-date material within the curricum.
Students will be provided with a non-biased, evidence-based medical curriculum.

Quality teaching
Physicians will be equipped with teachings on the latest international techniques, technologies and pharmaceuticals in various field of Medicine.
During the contact program students will benefit from real time intensive hands-on training on real patients.
Students will be given best practices for patient selection, pre and post treatment precautions, informed consent, treatment alternatives, complication prevention and management.

Applicable knowledge
You can immediately apply the knowledge gained on your programme in your profession.
Our programs are ideal for those looking for a fresh start in a new career as well as for physicians looking to expand their practices.
The career opportunities post-course are tremendous.
It ranges from employment opportunities in reputed clinics and hospitals locally and abroad, to the setting up of students' own clinics.

Professional networking
You gain an international network of professional contacts and friends.
You become a part of an international dynamic academic network and will have a lifelong opportunity to be informed of career opportunities, international conference, exchange ideas, get guidance, and ask questions throughout their career to the faculty.

Specialisation tracks and elective modules let you customise your degree.
To decrease learner isolation and to provide academic, administrative and informative support to learners, you can interact and pose questions through e-mail or telephone to your personal student support manager.

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