About Us

About Us

Mymedicalcourses is a highly professional platform developed by Medical Doctors to bring learning to people instead of people to learning. It is the one-stop academic solution for doctors across the globe, who wish to subspecialize in various fields of medicine, to and enhance their professional portfolio.

Keeping in mind the dynamism and complexities of the ever- challenging professional world, Mymedicalcourses has been especially designed to address the issue of availability of time in adding value to professional growth.

Our goal is to complement the existing education system for the health care providers and equip healthcare professionals to face the increasing professional challenges effectively.

We provide students worldwide with state-of-the-art, high quality professional development solutions through distance learning in e-learning format to ensure high engagement, accessibility and performance enhancement.

Mymedicalcourses is a technologically advanced and highly dynamic platform where the learning curriculum and professional development are integrated organically. The courses have been designed by taking into account the fact that in today’s complex environmental scenario, health and social issues require new and diverse yet integrated teaching approaches.

The best-in-class curriculum has been developed in collaboration with world-renowned professors, doctors and top-notch subject matter experts. To keep up with the latest developments in healthcare sector the content, learning aids and methods are constantly updated and improvised by experts in the discipline. As a part of the program, Mymedicalcourses’ students also get the opportunity to clarify their doubts with these world-renowned professors and doctors.

Mymedicalcourses is supported by top private universities and institutes in Asia and several state universities in Germany and India. These associations ensure constant and thorough quality control of each of Mymedicalcourses programs.

As a part of expansion strategy Mymedicalcourses aims to become a world leader in Medical distance education, a field traditionally reserved for Universities.

We welcome you to grow with us!

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